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California news: 3 items

Three quick news items from different aspects of California life tonight…

1) Actor Christopher Lloyd, of “Back to the Future” and “Taxi” fame, was one of those who lost homes in the Tea Fire in Montecito, in the hills above Santa Barbara. Lloyd‘s $11 million home was destroyed, and he discussed the loss with “Good Morning America.” Fire officials said that firefighters will need at least until midweek to control fires that have destroyed over 900 homes across southern California.

2) Suspect Jing Hua Wu, 47, of Mountain View, allegedly shot and killed three people at his former place of business after having been terminated (originally reported as a layoff) from his position as an engineer for SiPort, which makes digital multimedia broadcast chips for mobile markets. Sometimes, the only difference between a layoff and a termination in Silicon Valley is a lawsuit or the threat of one. It is also important to know that not all layoffs in Silicon Valley “make the news.” In any case, CNET presents a grisly scorecard of layoffs in technology companies since the beginning of October 2008. Tech workers are reeling from the news of layoffs and the tragic news of violent deaths.

3) Apple has issued a firmware update to fix a problem in which “clicks” on the new glass trackpads of the latest MacBooks and MacBook Pros reportedly did not register.

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