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Hunting for good news….

I looked around for some “happy news” tonight, but was unable to find any! I have some indications, from web traffic data, that Europeans are now in that same “duck and cover” mode over the worldwide financial crisis that Americans were in last week. Americans seem to be slowly sticking their heads out of the shelter of their holes, wondering if the worst of it is over….

At the same time that the unemployment funds of some states are “drying up” (California’s among them), I saw a news story on KTVU TV this evening that United Airlines will be laying off airplane mechanics, and sending their jobs to China! I have written about the stupidity of too much offshoring before, and you would think that businesses would “get it,” but it is beginning to look like there may be some businesspeople who, if you handed them a shovel, would dig a deeper hole for themselves!

Even at Yosemite, there was bad news, as a rockslide damaged at least seven cabins near Curry Village amphitheater! The good news there was that only three people were slightly hurt.

The best news that I have found so far is that drinking red wine apparently lowers the lung cancer risk in male smokers! (No, I don’t smoke, but I do drink red wine.)

Here is one bit of news that some readers may consider “happy.” Personally, I just consider it “Karma.” The Telegraph of London, sourcing CNBC, has reported that Lehman Bros. CEO, Richard S. Fuld, Jr., was punched in the face and knocked out cold while on a treadmill in a gym, shortly after it was announced that the 158-year-old company was going bankrupt. A man who was pumping iron in a corner of the room allegedly walked over and assaulted Fuld. The attack was confirmed by two senior sources, according to the Telegraph and CNBC. Fuld had recently been questioned by Congress concerning the millions that he earned in executive compensation while his company was going bankrupt.

I will keep looking for “good news” in order to give this blog an overall positive tone. My good news for the day was working with a group of Special Ed preschoolers, and watching their joy in successfully accomplishing tasks that might be considered “simple” for many of us.

Finding joy in simple things is a good formula for happiness, regardless!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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