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Nature Photography, and Speed

I wanted to provide two links tonight. The first one is for NANPA, the North American Nature Photography Association, of which I am a member. NANPA states on its website:

“NANPA, the North American Nature Photography Association, is the first and only association in North America committed solely to serving the field of nature photography.

Our Mission:

NANPA promotes the art and science of nature photography as a medium of communication for nature appreciation and environmental protection.

NANPA provides education and inspiration, gathers and disseminates information, and develops standards for all persons interested in the field of nature photography.

NANPA fosters professionalism and ethical conduct in all aspects of our endeavors.”

If this sounds like you, you may want to consider membership.

The second link is about speed (as in “I feel the need, the need for…”). If you already have a link that you use to check upload and download speeds between Internet locations and your computer, GREAT! If not, this link (not an endorsement) will look at upload and download speeds between your computer and Seattle WA, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, New York City NY, and Washington DC. Please remember all of the different things that go into the speed of traffic on a network and remember that your mileage may vary (YMMV) at different times of the day. Still, it is a good way to get an indication of approximate speeds.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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