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Livermore Art Association Circuit

California Poppy

The Livermore Art Association (LAA) has a “circuit” for displaying art in various Livermore businesses (currently mostly restaurants and banks, but one doctor’s office – if you would like to add YOUR business in Livermore, please contact me).

Today, my photography team (Dennis Vied, Ted Wieskamp, Zhiping Zhang, and myself) hung our 15 pieces of photography in the U.S. Bank in Livermore, 2125 Second Street, for the next three months, until January 7, 2009. On January 7, the photographs will travel to another Livermore business. Livermore businesses receive a commission on art sold at their premises, in addition to having new decorative art every quarter! We appreciate their support for the arts in Livermore! I just double-checked my list, and all 15 pieces of photography hung at the bank today are for sale!

As for me, my four pieces of photography (signed and numbered archival prints, matting, and backing) were Beachcombing (16×20 matted to 20×24), California Poppy (11×14 matted to 16×20), Livermore Vines, October (11×14 matted to 16×20), and Windmill, Livermore CA (16×20 matted to 20×24). If you are local to Livermore (or  close!), stop by the U.S. Bank to see our photos. Other venues in Livermore include: the Terra Mia Restaurant (4040 East Ave.), China Village (4022 East Ave.), China Pavillion (1460 N. Vasco Rd.), Dr. Alper (87 Fenton St.), and Livermore Council Chamber. If you visit these venues, please thank them for supporting the arts in Livermore. We appreciate their support! Currently, Terra Mia is showing LAA watercolors, China Village – photography, U.S. Bank – photography, China Pavillion – oils, and Dr. Alper – abstract.

If you have a business in Livermore and would like to become part of the “circuit,” please contact me (see below).

Livermore businesses, thank you for supporting the arts in Livermore!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

You can view higher-resolution photos (*generally* 7-30 megabytes, compressed) at the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Pro Gallery on Shutterfly™, where you can also order prints and gifts decorated with the photos of your choice from the gallery. Apparel and other gifts decorated with some of our most popular photos can be ordered from the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Store on CafePress®. Both Shutterfly™ and CafePress® ship to most international locations worldwide! If you don’t see what you want or would like to receive an email when new photos are up on the site, send us an email at

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