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End in sight?

The Calfornia State Senate announced a budget deal last night that could be the “real thing.” It sounded like the real thing because NOBODY was happy, and because they used the word “compromise” on TV! :-)

Not only are politicians unhappy, the electorate is unhappy with Governor Schwartzenegger, too, which is probably not really fair, since he apparently has been the only “moderate” involved in the budget discussion! Whenever I hear that EVERYBODY is unhappy with the decision, it sounds like a real compromise has been reached.

I followed up on the story on TV news tonight, since Internet reports did not say that a budget has been passed.

The reason?… A budget has not yet been passed! The encouraging news?… Legislators are staying “on the job” late tonight, and Bill Lockyer (State Treasurer) was meeting with the General Assembly. Somehow, the number discussed for the deficit has jumped from $15.2 billion to $17 billion. Pretty soon we will be talking about real money!

Well, “hope springs eternal,” and I like to be optimistic. Yesterday was the 76th day without a budget.

The most that I will say for now is…”We shall see.”

(Note added September 17, 2008: The budget was approved early in the morning of September 16 (78 days into the fiscal year!). However, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has threatened to veto the budget (see why). Note, the 2/3 majority needed to pass a budget in California is the same 2/3 majority needed to override a governor’s veto. Do you see why it is so much fun to live in California? :-) )

(Note added on September 20, 2008: Please see the end of this entry on August unemployment for some comments about the budget. I am not going to say anything else about the budget until Arnold has signed it!)

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