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Young Silicon Valley Tycoons

Yesterday, I read a CNET article about young Silicon Valley tycoons (businesspeople of exceptional wealth and power) and how they chose to live after becoming wealthy. The article may give some of you who are unfamiliar with Silicon Valley a little insight into its “culture”. :-)

After reading the article, I have only two comments:

1) I do not know the personality types of the people mentioned, but I have a rule about the Myers-Briggs “ENTJ” personality type, which is common among CEOs and whose members are “natural corporate leaders”: “Never get between an ENTJ and the stone wall that s/he is accelerating toward.” :-)

2) I am glad that the article mentions Pierre Omidyar of eBay. We once had dinner with Pierre and his wife Pam at the house of a mutual friend, and I know Pam from a business started by that mutual friend (no, Pam, I have not learned to snowboard yet). We also attended one of their parties when they lived in an apartment south of the Winchester House and met Pierre’s mother. Pam and Pierre are both fine human beings, and the good works that they fund through the Omidyar Network speak for themselves.

I guess that I have one more comment – that wealth is a test of character.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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