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Malware Flash ads attack and spread via clipboard

I wanted to be sure that folks were aware of the CNET article this week on a new type of Internet-based attack in which ads based on Flash take control of the clipboard of users and paste in a link to a malicious site. From the clipboard, the link can be spread to blogs, emails, instant messages, etc.

Systems that are susceptible include Macintosh, Windows, and Linux, and susceptible browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, according to the ZD Net Zero Day blog.

The link, which includes “xp-vista-update” in the URL, is copied to the clipboard and cannot be overwritten by copying new text. Users must reboot the machine to remove the link, according to The Register.

The ads have been seen on,, and, and victims report that the ads appear to be false alerts that a virus has been detected on the user’s machine, and which offer to to “clean” the virus.

Please see the links above for more information.

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