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The rest of the story…

…my apologies to Paul Harvey, who could at least tell a linear story…and to any linear thinkers who are reading this… My hope is that there is now a generation of people who grew up on nonlinear fiction in computer games and on the Internet, who may find nonlinear blog entries entirely readable.

I started the story of Sunday’s photographic adventure in the middle, with folks surfing the large waves at the Golden Gate (so cool!), and continued it from the beginning to the end. However, I left out a little piece of the middle…

Between my failure at finding a parking space at Baker Beach on Sunday, and my success at finding surfers at Fort Point and the Golden Gate, is my harrowing stop at a vista point on Lincoln Boulevard (as distinguished from Lincoln Way). (Lincoln is probably the only Republican admired in San Francisco :-) .) The vista point is at the top of a set of curves ascending from Baker Beach on Lincoln Boulevard. I pulled across the lane of oncoming traffic, since I was fortunate enough to see a parking space (two, actually). I unpacked the tripod and the camera and was able to take photos of large sailing yachts in the Golden Gate, and Point Bonita on the Marin Side. The vista point also allowed endwise photography of the Golden Gate Bridge. After finishing up, I managed to back out of my spot without backing into the oncoming traffic and pulled across oncoming traffic into the right-hand lane.

Breathing deeply, I continued on downhill past the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge and turned left on the road to Fort Point.

Now you know the middle of the story. :-)

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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