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Sharing a View…

There is a lot of nastiness in today’s news from high tech: suits and countersuits about technology, attempted acquisitions and high price tags, arguments about whether administrators or a large software company is/are responsible for installation of a search application whose indexing brought the networks of companies to their knees, a new strain of the Gozi Trojan, and the Storm “Worm” botnet retaliation against security researchers.

In keeping with one of my goals, to keep the tone of this blog more to the positive than to the negative, I refer you to this link to a view of the Bay Area from the Lawrence Hall of Science. Mousing over the image will bring up identifiers to aid you in your viewing. You may find yourself uexpectedly looking at a beautiful sunset someday.

In addition to the often spectacular (sometimes very limited by fog) view, there are links to a variety of weather data, earthquake information, and time-lapse movies.

This is one of the links that I use to determine whether to travel to San Francisco to photograph, since microclimates of the Bay Area can vary so much. For those of you in other states and other countries, the link provides a convenient window into the San Francisco Bay Area and its weather.


-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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