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Another ripple in the Force?

Tech news is dominated by California news today, including former eBay CEO Meg Whitman’s likely announcement tomorrow that she will be running for California governor (Whitman announced.), Apple’s brand moving into the “Top 20,” Microsoft’s data center chief heading off to Cisco, and Firefox getting WebGL (for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics) built into developer versions of the browser, but the news that probably affected many of us has been confirmed by Facebook – yes, the Facebook site has been unstable lately – a condition that many of us used to affectionately call “flakiness.”

According to the CNET article, Facebook has confirmed site-wide problems that include the disappearance of status messages, the rejection of login credentials, content disappearance, error messages while posting content, and other such frustrating occurrences.

Facebook recently topped 300 million active users, and, although some former colleagues of mine jokingly attributed the disturbances to government intervention in social networks :-) , the disruption of social networks has become a focus of interest, since the massive DDoS attack last month took down Twitter and disturbed features on Facebook.

The biggest tech story today (IMHO) goes beyond California’s borders and is the opposition of major wireless carriers to Net neutrality, as far as wireless service is concerned. (…because “the future is wireless?” Go figure!) :-) I think that this is one of the stories to watch, and not just because I know some of the players. Please take a look at the CNET article, if you are in “the business” or if you just care about what the future “looks like.”

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