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Cheshire Cat Photo Blog: Top Ten in 2008 (First Half)

Today, I was looking at statistics for the first six months of 2008, and I thought perhaps that some of you might like to know the Top Ten most visited Cheshire Cat Photo Blog entries in 2008 (January 1 – June 30) so far.

(Note added May 28, 2009: The most popular Cheshire Cat Photo Blog entries for the WHOLE YEAR of 2008 are HERE!)

Here they are, starting with number 10, with my comments:

  • Number 10: Sunset State Beach (This is a great beach and campground!)
  • Number 09: The Merced River (The river is different every season, and beautiful!)
  • Number 08: Rocky Creek Bridge in Big Sur (I was surprised at the popularity of this entry. When the smoke clears (The “Basin Complex” fire has consumed 52,430 acres and was only 3% contained as of this morning. Highway 1 is CLOSED in the area.) I’ll return to investigate.
  • Number 07: Sitting on top of the world… (The popularity surprised me, PLEASANTLY!)
  • Number 06: California Poppy (The 11×14 photo print is hanging in the Livermore Library, along with the Livermore Vines, October print. The flower, itself, is pretty amazing!) (Note added January 3, 2010: Actually, that print was purchased and is now hanging in a private residence in Arizona!)
  • Number 05: San Andreas and Black Bart (Did you really come looking [mistakenly] for the video game? If so, I hope that you stayed to learn about Black Bart.)
  • Number 04: We’re in this Web together… (I liked this entry myself. I’m glad that you did, too!)
  • Number 03: Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (San Luis Obispo has a treasure in this Mission!)
  • Number 02: Mono Lake (Mono Lake shows that people can do the right thing, but sometimes it takes study and a court decision.)
  • and Number 01: Mission San Francisco de Asís (Dolores) and Basilica (If you live close to San Francisco, or are visiting, come to these two churches to experience the continuity with California’s, and San Francisco’s, past.)

These blog entries may not have been YOUR favorites, so let your friends and family know about YOUR favorites, and ask them to visit, to read a bit about California, and to enjoy the photos.  I will take another look at the statistics in early 2009 (for ALL of 2008), and I will publish an update THEN.

Thanks again for visiting Cheshire Cat Photo!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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Nice list and some beautiful photographs…

wnyrealtor said this on July 4th, 2008 at 5:10 pm

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