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The Tall Ships in San Francisco


One of the very cool things about San Francisco is that, among other things, it is a seaport. And one of the very cool things about seaports, is that they have events that are very alien to someone like me who grew up far from the nearest ocean. One of the regular yearly events is Fleet Week, and one of the occasional events is a visit by the tall ships, as  happened in 2005. A tall ship is a large, traditionally rigged sailing vessel. The one above, from the 2005 visit, is the Pallada, a Russian training vessel with an overall length of 356 (or 359 feet, depending which literature you believe) and a draft of 21′ 7″. The Pallada is a three-masted ship, and looks phenomenal under sail. We enjoyed touring the Pallada (which was built in 1989 in Poland), and meeting some members of her crew. The homeport of the Pallada is Vladivostok.

In writing this entry, I learned that the tall ships (as well as some other types of ships) are returning to San Francisco THIS MONTH, in the Festival of Sail San Francisco, from July 23-27, 2008. Tall ships from all over the world will once again be sailing San Francisco Bay!


-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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