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Got Lucky…

Some of each kind…

I went to pick up an photo ID today, and unfortunately they were using a Windows® program to create the badge. The Program was running on Windows 2000®, which I have used and is better than most varieties (more about Windows XP® and Windows Vista® another time – or maybe enough has been written about them already :-) ). Anyway, after three successful tries at taking my photo (no, I did not break the camera), but failing to make the badge, she restarted Windows® and failed again after restarting the application. Then, it failed for another person. Even *I* have better luck with Windows® than that. :-)

While I was being victimized by a Windows® app, members of my family were getting Lucky. We think that someone had abandoned a really nice, approximately 4-year-old dog in the Berkeley Hills, where it was found by my son’s friend, D-. D- had named it “Lucky”, because it is supposed to by lucky when a dog “chooses you.” D- tried very hard to find the owners, working through the shelters and door-to-door, but could not. A few years ago, we took in D- for awhile when he needed a place to live. We have adopted Lucky and will be taking him to the veterinarian on Saturday to get him checked out. He seems to be getting along fine with our existing menagerie.

I also shot some photos of vineyards in Livermore today. The sky was blue and there were some clouds, and it may rain tomorrow. The purple grapes are still on many of the vines, and the vines are turning yellow and red. I will take a first look at the photos tonight.

I had forgotten about a hand-drawn sign along Holmes Street when you drive into Livermore from the south. The sign says “Carpe Diem, Seize the Day”. Good advice. Who knows? You may get Lucky!

–Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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