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The wisdom of “consumers”

Consumers (heck, let’s just call them “people” rather than some “trophic level“) have again demonstrated that they are wiser than their elected “leaders,” as they recently demonstrated that they are wiser than most corporate management.

And one of those elected officials is from California….

In all fairness, any politician who can look at data and change her opinion should be congratulated, since she has demonstrated more intelligence and flexibility than most business managers demonstrate.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who have always backed the initial “Cash for Clunkers” program, now called “CARS” (isn’t it characteristic of people in power that when they have a great name for a program, they change it? :-) ), had opposed spending for an extension to the program.

Today they announced that they have changed their minds! (A Senator‘s prerogative…! :-) )

Previously, both Senators wanted any extension of the program to require a higher gas mileage standard for the new cars that qualify for rebates.

But guess what…? :-)

Analysis of the program, which has almost “burned through” the initial allotment of $1 billion in the WEEK (since its official start date on July 24) that it has been going “full tilt,” revealed that “consumers” (oops! people) are not quite the child-like dolts :-) that their government takes them to be and have purchased cars with BETTER FUEL ECONOMY THAN REQUIRED UNDER THE LAW! (Actually, children can be wiser than some adults….)

(Sorry to “shout,” but this is one of those “idiot-obvious” things that should be shouted from open windows right after, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” I guess that it was obvious to me, since my own home town was so small that we couldn’t afford a “village idiot,” so people took turns. :-) [More “self-deprecating humor” that some personality types don’t understand….])

Now, the two Senators support extension of the “CARS” (I still like “Cash for Clunkers” better) program under its original guidelines (since it looks like car buyers are capable of making intelligent choices, after having been gouged so badly on fuel prices).

I, for one, APPLAUD Senators Feinstein and Collins for their support, since their support could be instrumental in securing the extension of the program (hopefully quickly and without a “gap”), which will cut pollution (including greenhouse gases), make more automobiles on the road much safer, reduce gasoline consumption, and stimulate the economy.

Thank you for your support!

(Note added August 7, 2009: … and thanks to you, members of the U.S. Senate for passing this extension [no thanks to SOME Republican obstructionists for your opposition] and to President Obama for your signature.)

Along with the support of the two key Senators above, the CARS program has also gotten a boost from statistics showing that the program has increased auto sales by most of the major automakers.

It is really a good thing that “consumers” (oops!) PEOPLE don’t make the same kinds of stupid mistakes that CORPORATIONS make (one of many recent examples), because ultimately, there is nobody to BAIL THEM OUT! :-)

(Just a little something for the whole Senate to “chew on” as it ponders, in its infinite wisdom, whether or not to extend the CARS program…. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take them too long to figure THIS one out! :-) )

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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