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Mount Diablo and Livermore Wine Country Festival Photos are Up!

Mount Diablo Hiking 

I uploaded almost 100 higher resolution photos of the Mount Diablo shoot to the FlowersOther Places, and Outdoor Recreation albums of the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Pro Gallery on Shutterfly™. I also uploaded photos of the Livermore Wine Country Festival 2008 to the Other Places album.

No photos were added to the Portfolio, since I will be renovating the entire Portfolio section soon.

(Note on May 27, 2008: Photos will be added to Portfolio sections as the Portfolio is renovated. Photos have already been added to the renovated Outdoor Recreation section.)

I also added some links to low-resolution photos to the original blog entries for the Mount Diablo Shoot and the Livermore Wine Country Festival 2008.


-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

You can view higher-resolution photos (*generally* 7-30 megabytes, compressed) at the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Pro Gallery on Shutterfly™, where you can also order prints and gifts decorated with the photos of your choice from the gallery. Apparel and other gifts decorated with some of our most popular photos can be ordered from the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Store on CafePress®.  

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