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California state budget approved

Yesterday, California lawmakers approved a state budget. Most of the solutions come from deep cuts in spending related to three areas: healthcare, education, and prisons.

Most of the $26.3 billion deficit was addressed. Two key provisions were rejected that leave the budget short by $1.1 billion, which effectively eliminates the $900 million reserve that Governor Schwarzenegger had established. The two provisions that were rejected were a controversial proposal for the first offshore oil drilling in 40 years (which would have brought in $100 million) and another to borrow gasoline tax revenue that belongs to local governments ($1 billion).

The cuts include $6.1 billion in K-14 education, $2 billion in higher education, 1.3 billion in Medi-Cal general fund reductions, $1.7 billion from local redevelopment agencies, and $1.2 billion in cuts to the state prison system. The decision “how” to cut prison funding was heated and therefore postponed.

Schwarzenegger said that certain changes will ultimately save taxpayers $5 billion each year: not raising taxes, reorganization of state boards and commissions, new sanctions on welfare recipients who don’t meet work requirements, increased oversight of home healthcaare aides to root out fraud, and other measures to reform state government.

The reductions will lead to the the loss of health insurance for many children, home healthcare for thousands of seniors, the end of welfare checks for many low-income families, and the closure of as many as 50 state parks, after labor day. Some state workers will still be forced to take three unpaid days each month. College students will pay MUCH higher tuitions.

OK fellow taxpayers, now we have to fund it and live with it. My immediate advice is to see the California state parks that you have always wanted to see, before Labor Day (consider it “enforced recreation”).

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