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In the good old summertime…

Seacliff State Beach 

It may not be quite summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, but some temperatures promised for Thursday are distinctly summerlike.

During some parts of the year, there is perhaps a 2-degree variation in temperatures over the entire Bay Area. However, Livermore’s high temperature today was 72 degrees F (22.2 C); for Tuesday the forecast high is 84 F (28.9 C); for Wednesday, 96 F (35.6 C), and for Thursday, perhaps 104 F (40 C). :-) At times like this (“summer pattern”), there can be a 30-degree F (or more!) difference in temperature between an inland area like Livermore and a place on the coast, even though you could drive from one place to the other in about an hour!

An earlier blog entry of mine lists URLs that you can use for trip planning.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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