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Some like it hot!

Others may find the National Weather Service (Monterey office) Heat Advisory issued for North Bay interior valleys and East Bay interior valleys of the San Francisco Bay Area life-threatening!

In contrast to the 1959 film (listed as the greatest American comedy film of all time by the American Film Institute in 2000), the National Weather Service Heat Advisory is “nothing to laugh at.”

The Heat Advisory results from a strong ridge of high pressure that is building over the West Coast that will result in much warmer temperatures in the region and is in effect from 11 AM Saturday to 8 PM PDT Sunday for the North and East Bay valleys. Afternoon highs on Saturday are forecast from the 90s to 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). Temperatures in the valleys on Sunday are expected to range from the mid-90s to 108 degrees F (42.2 degrees C). Cooling is expected to begin on Monday, with Monday still being a very warm day inland.

The Heat Advisory is targeted at the elderly, the very young, and the infirm. People in these groups are urged to drink plenty of water and seek a cooler location for the day if no air conditioning is available. Also, people in these groups are urged to have friends or relatives check on them frequently. Children and pets should never be left in vehicles under any circumstances during warm or hot weather.

Those of you in the locations (and especially targeted groups) covered by the Heat Advisory, please “stay safe” and be careful to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion during the period.

Stay cool, Bay Area!

(Note added June 30, 2009: We hit 109 degrees F on Sunday in Livermore, which was hot enough for most of us!)

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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