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Princeton-by-the-Sea is an unincorporated community on the coast of San Mateo County with a lot more going on than its size would indicate. If you did not know about Princeton-by-the-Sea, you might just drive right past it on Highway 1. The community of Princeton-by-the-Sea is just north of Half Moon Bay and south of Moss Beach (home to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve [1], which is a wonderful place to explore tidal pools at low tide).

Native Americans of the Ohlone people inhabited the area in pre-Columbian times. Today, the area is home to 297 people, as of the year 2000 census, and numerous birds, such as this Great Blue Heron, which posed for me on a rock in Princeton-by-the-Sea. I would not do the area justice if I failed to mention that there are a number of excellent restaurants in the area, including one of our favorites, Barbara’s Fishtrap. There is a reason that all of those people are lined up outside the door.

(Update on May 26, 2008 after eating at Barbara’s Fishtrap yesterday: Barbara’s has lunch and dinner menus with prices to match – go for lunch. Also, Barbara’s has WONDERFUL clam chowder that is made without dairy products, if that is important to some of you. Also, there is a taqueria in Princeton-by-the-Sea that you might not give a second look (a grave mistake), Cafe Capistrano. Cafe Capistrano has Mexican food of the Yucatan variety, and a very congenial proprietor.)

In recent years, Princeton-by-the-Sea has become known as the site for the Mavericks surfing competition, with its 30-foot waves, although the location is usually given as Half Moon Bay. The world’s best surfers (only the best need apply – Mavericks has been fatal to even “world-class” surfers) often drop what they are doing to compete at Mavericks, when the conditions are right for the event. The competition often occurs on very short notice.

Visit Princeton-by-the-Sea for the natural beauty or to just “kick back” when you have time to enjoy a great seafood meal!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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