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Lost email?

I know a fair amount about email. At one point in my career, I knew even more. I would find the “lost email” issue at the White House humorous, if it were not so deadly serious. There is an ars technica article about the emails that were “lost” during the “upgrade” of White House email from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange :-) .

As for an email system choice, how about “None of the above?”

According to the ars technica article, two laws govern the retention of executive branch documents, including email. The White House is facing lawsuits from two public interest groups over the missing emails: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (good luck!) and the National Security Archive at George Washington University (a good place to read true stories that will keep you up at night).

I will not dip deeper into the politics. The incident DOES show the effect that technical choices have with regard to government and the public interest.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™    

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