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It’s about water…

California is very much about water. According to a KCBS article :

“October 1 marked the beginning of a new water year, and the Department of Water says storage levels are down 40 percent since last year.

‘We’re starting this water year, which could be the second year of a drought, in a hole. We’re starting off with much less reserves than we did last year,’ said Water Resources Director Lester Snow.

“There have already been restrictions on water coming from the Delta region of the Bay Area, to protect smelt. La Niña conditions portend low rainfall for California.

An Editor’s Note on the web site for the California Water Education Foundation states:”California and water. The two always have been and always will be inextricably linked. No resource is more vital to the state’s prosperity or steeped in more controversy.

“There is a Southern California water blog, There is a collection of “news, research, and current events on all aspects of water resources” by the Water Resources Center Archives and the Center for Water Resources, University of California.

The seasonal nature of precipitation in California can turn Yosemite Falls from a thundering majestic torrent in the spring to a wet face of rock in the autumn.

There is a deeply biological feeling that we humans have for water, a feeling that goes far beyond the mere knowledge that water is essential for life as we know it, a feeling that goes beyond our amazement that so much of the importance of water is based on its molecular size and polarity. It always struck me that Lehninger’s biochemistry text was the first I had seen to devote an entire chapter to water. Why did it take authors so long?

Although I know that water will *always* be an issue in the state of California, as I sit here watching the rain continue to fall gently in my back yard, I remain hopeful that drought conditions will not persist in California this year and that the winter will again bring abundant snowfall to the Sierra.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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