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Kidnapped California boy, 3, found in Mexico

Briant Rodriguez, born in the U.S. and taken at gunpoint from his California home two weeks ago, was found wandering the streets of Mexicali, Mexico late Thursday.

California authorities cleared paperwork with Mexican officials and reunited Briant with his mothoer in the border town of Calexico, California.

San Bernardino County Sheriff, Rod Hoops, said, “We’re very happy that he’s alive.” Briant had been missing since May 3 when two armed men broke into his family’s home and tied up him and his mother, along with four siblings. The men ransacked the home and left with some personal property, a small amount of cash, and Briant.

Authorities have information about two of the suspects, who were captured on video at a home-improvement store buying tape of the type that was used to bind the family.

Briant appeared to be in good health, but the shoulder-length hair he had when he was abducted had been shaved. The reunion with his mother was tearful and emotional.

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