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Tilting at windmills…

…although the only thing that I pointed at them was my camera.

I have more than one reason to apologize to Cervantes, the principal one being that I hurried through Don Quixote as one of many books assigned in an Honors Comparative Literature series as an freshman undergraduate student.

One of the reasons that “Wind and Power” is an area of concentration for me is that windmills are the *fastest growing* means of electrical power generation right now. Another is that Livermore is conveniently located just west of the Altamont Pass, an area in which windmills sprout like daisies from the hillsides. This afternoon, I was out among the windmills, and I was not the only one. I traveled to the end of Dyer Road for the first time today, and when I got there, there was one gentleman trespassing among the windmills and another milling about with a Canon L-series lens on his SLR.

Later, on Altamont Pass Road, I saw another photographer with a tripod, photographing a large field of windmills. This was not quite the photographic throng that I had witnessed on the south shore of Mono Lake, but it was impressive nevertheless, for back roads in the Altamont.

As I write this entry, I am downloading the shots from this afternoon. There are some spectacular windmills in the Altamont, among them some sparkling white large towering windmills with blades that turn comparatively slowly. I photographed some of these today, as well as some small, two-bladed, ugly beasts that only a mother could love.

We shall see how the shots come out, and the best of them should find their way to the web site in a few days.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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