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Livermore Art Association Spring Art Show impressions

I blogged earlier about the Spring Art Show at The Barn in Livermore (3131 Pacific Avenue). This was my first year as an exhibitor in the Livermore Art Association show, and I formed a number of impressions as a “first timer.” I showed 16×20 prints of these two photos (12).

The show contained art of a variety of forms: 3D (including wood and metal sculpture, jewelry, and textile), pastels, watercolors, oils, photography, etchings, pencil sketches, and others. The quality was excellent and the mood of the well-attended show could be described as “festive” and “electric,” particularly at the VERY well-attended reception on Saturday night. The great music of the Gary Chula Trio, food, and wine all contributed to the wonderful atmosphere of the reception, which included the presentation of awards. I attended the show for most of Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and most of Sunday afternoon. There were good numbers of folks visiting the show at all three times that I was there, and a lot of art was sold! One of the aspects of the show that impressed me was the experience of so many of the artists. Here were artists with years of practice in their arts, with a refinement and maturity of treatment born of familiarity with their tools and methods. The experience shines through in the same way that the guitar work of the reunited Eagles album exhibits subtlety and nuances and maturity, in comparison to the guitar work  of the “Best of” album. “There’s no substitute for experience” is not an idle phrase in describing the Spring Art Show!

If you have the opportunity to attend the Spring Art Show next year, by all means attend! The show seems to get better and better each year, and the friendly crowd of both artists and spectators welcomes newcomers warmly!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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