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Autumn in the San Francisco Bay Area – revisited

Well, it is a beautiful sunny, blue-sky day in the Bay Area. Right now, it is 65 ℉ at a little before noon.

I say that because the meteorologist startled me last night, with a forecast low of 37 ℉ in Livermore…brrrrrrrrrrr! The scary thing is, we actually *hit* a low of 37 ℉! I should explain that Livermore is a bit inland from the San Francisco Bay, and Livermore experiences wider fluctuations in temperature than those cities around the Bay or on the Peninsula, where temperatures are moderated by the bodies of water.

Still…it seems a little early for this! The high today in Livermore is forecast to be 71 ℉.

I spent the morning preparing mid-priced 2008 Calendars from the edited photos that I uploaded last night to the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Store on CafePress®. The calendars are in the “Gifts for Everyone” section of the store. These latest 3 calendars have as subjects: “California Coast”, Wind and Power”, and “California Places”. I hope that you like them – I do. All in all, there are now 12 unique calendar designs of 3 different styles and prices. Let me know what you think.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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