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Today was a blue-sky day in Yosemite Valley. The air temperature seemed to be approximately in the low 60’s F to perhaps the upper 50’s F later in the day. The sun was so warm that it was a “T-shirt and blue jeans” day for me, until about 4 PM, when I donned a (Midwest-weight) flannel shirt.

There was snow on the ground at Crane Flat (6192 feet of elevation) and, interestingly, around and in Yosemite Creek beneath Yosemite Falls, but not elsewhere in the Valley (I did not look beneath Bridalveil Fall). I attribute this snow to the VERY cold water pouring into the Valley from higher elevations. The air temperature around Yosemite Creek seemed noticeably colder than other areas of the Valley.

Why did I go to Yosemite for just one day? Because I CAN…! :-) (Don’t worry, I purchased a Yosemite Pass, good for one year.)

There were several changes to the Valley, which I will discuss later. Also, I entered Yosemite by Highway 120 (Tioga Pass is still closed by snow) and left by Highway 140, along the Merced River. Along the Merced, it was spring, with redbud (Western Redbud) and lupine (lots of purple, and some white) in bloom, and back-lit by the setting sun.

I returned a little more than an hour ago. I will write more about my trip after a good night’s sleep.

All in all, today was a very remarkable and memorable day! I took a LOT of photos!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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