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“Pop-up dining” in Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz Sunset

“Pop-up” is a term from the Bay Area that refers to culinary businesses that have no brick-and-mortar presence and operated at various locations! goes on to say:

More than half-a-dozen Santa Cruz food pop-ups have opened in past couple of years, including Mortal Dumpling, Kickin’ Chicken, Back Porch and LionFish SupperClub.

Without a permanent brick-and-mortar presence, these businesses operate at various temporary locations. Back Porch owner Austin Kaye says, “The pop-up scene (in Santa Cruz) has increased ten-fold in the last two years…coffee shops, breweries, wineries and farms are doing it. It has been fun to see.”

Pop-ups have become so visible in Santa Cruz that Zach Davis, co-owner of Assembly restaurant located downtown, decided to experiment by making an unused 550-square-foot space available to outside food vendors. The straightforwardly named PopUp features mainly lunch offerings from regular, weekly vendors.
Another place of opportunity is Food Lounge, a recent venture that supports food, art and entertainment in a former restaurant located in the Squid Row area of Santa Cruz. It’s now home to 10 food-related businesses; among them are Ty’s Eatery and Ocean2Table along with Mortal Dumpling, Kickin’ Chicken and LionFish — all of which do pop-ups.
The SFGate article provides descriptions of the following Pop-up dining opportunities around Santa Cruz: Kickin’ Chicken, LionFish SupperClub, Mortal Dumpling, Ocean2Table, Ty’s Eatery, Back Porch, Lawman Ramen, Manresa Bread, and Santa Cruz Farmers’ Markets.
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