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The Cat is back!

California Poppy

The Cat has been away from this Blog for far too long, almost one year! Unforgivable, but I’m asking you to forgive me. (For those of you who don’t know, the flower above is the “California Poppy,” the State Flower of California. For those of you from Tennessee, where it is classified as an invasive weed, well, it’s far too pretty for that and can grow in nutrient-poor environments, like sand dunes.)

I used to blog “religiously” every day. If you write a blog, you really should.

For any new readers, and those who have forgotten, I am the kind of guy who likes to do at least two things at once – not that I am unfocused, but I found that I can accomplish MUCH more that way. Some of my managers in high tech appreciated that fact, and others, who could process only linearly, only realized how much I was doing when I left their company. Right now, I am doing a file upload of images on a MacBook Pro to my left, as I blog on this iMac.

What else is going on?

I just donated an image, one of my Featured Prints, of Limantour Spit, north and west of Limantour Beach and across a strait from Point Reyes, to NAMI, an organization that helps friends and family of the mentally ill. The Limantour Spit piece will be sold at at NAMI’s third annual “Swing for Charity” golf event, which will be held on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the Las Positas Gold Course in Livermore, CA. I sold pieces at their event the last two years.

I have broadened my scope. Cheshire Cat Photo, LLC has always had the Mission: “To showcase California through photography….” (I always delighted in a Mission Statement that was not even a complete sentence, when some defocused companies have “Mission Statements” that are a PARAGRAPH or more! Dilbert’s “Asok the Intern” once translated “Getting Back to Our Core Competencies” as “Not Being Able to Find Our Ass with Both Hands.). To broaden my scope, My wife and I took a short vacation to Southern California this summer (we visited extreme, coastal Northern California LAST summer) and visited the Cabrillo National Monument and three Spanish Missions. I had actually planned for three additional Spanish Missions for the trip, suspecting full well that we would not have time in our trip of four nights.

Another effort to broaden my scope of actively covered subjects under the broad umbrella of “showcasing California” is an involvement with body painters and their models. In fact, I am interested in increasing the number of portraits and model portraits that I take. This new effort in the photography of people will likely take me in other directions as well!

In addition, I have signed up to substitute teach in a local district again this year, my NINTH year in the district. I was recognized by the young gentleman at the entrance desk of a local restaurant last night, when my wife and I went to dinner. Young people are the future. It is more than a cliché.

I will list some of my other electronic “presences” here, so that you can find/follow, and I shall do better in keeping up my Blog!

-Bill at

Cheshire Cat Photo™ – “Your Guide to California’s Wonderland™”

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