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San Francisco: the happiest city in the U.S.!

In a global perception survey, San Francisco was rated the happiest city in the United States and the ONLY U.S. city to rank in the Top 10 happiest cities in the world!

San Francisco came in 7th in the Top 10. I, who do not particularly LIKE cities, love San Francisco! says:

The infographic posted here is based on a global perception survey by GFK Custom Research. The firm also factored in variables such as the city’s number of outdoor attractions, shopping centers, and cultural locations.

I always joke that, when we lived in Ohio, I could not afford to take my family on vacations in California, so we had to MOVE here. :-) Increasingly, I find more and more reasons to stay!

Just in case you have made it this far without looking at the infographic that ranks the Top 10 happiest cities in the world, here they are, according to GFK Custom Research:

10. Buenos Aires

09. Paris

08. Rome

07. San Francisco

06. Madrid

05. Melbourne

04. Amsterdam

03. Barcelona

02. Sydney

01. Rio de Janeiro

See the infographic for the reasons why. Then, book your flight to the Bay Area. :-)

-Bill at

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