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Good news from the “old country”

I went looking for “good news” today…. I found some from the “old country.”

New York…? The almost 500-point jump in the Dow today….? No, not quite THAT old a country…. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy about the recent movements on Wall Street. However, it is all emotional “herd behavior” (but in the right direction this time). The Federal Reserve Chairman could stub his toe tomorrow and send all of the market “bulls” of today following each other off a cliff. (Why do they call them “bears” and “bulls?” Why not “manic lemmings” and “suicidal lemmings…?”) :-) I have “retirement” (that’s a joke) money riding on it, too. I just don’t pretend that it’s a science.

No, I am talking about my “old country” of the state of Ohio, and the good news about the aortic valve-replacement surgery performed on San Francisco native Robin Williams. Mr. Williams had the surgery on March 13 at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic. According to a cardiothoracic surgeon at the clinic, Dr. Marc Gillinov, Robin’s “…heart is strong and he will have normal heart function in the coming weeks with no limitations on what he’ll be able to do.” There you go, Mr. Williams! Carte blanche from your doctors – walking on water and levitation should not be problems anymore (if such things were ever obstacles for you in the past)! :-)


Comic geniuses are more fragile than they appear. I was delighted to hear that the surgery had gone “extremely well” and that Robin Williams would likely be able to resume his interrupted 80-city tour, “Weapons of Self-Destruction,” in the fall.

Get well soon, Robin!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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