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Salvation Army giveaway at Cal Expo today!

I really looked for some positive news today. I am beginning to think that most of the human race’s problems result from our inability to think rationally.

I COULD have gone with the irrational behavior of House Republicans, who went home to their taxpayer-provided lives of luxury after defeating THEIR OWN PARTY’S suggestion to avoid the fiscal cliff. I COULD have gone with the irrational proposal by California’s Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein to ban assault weapons (whatever THEY are!), or by the California Legislature to enact more gun-control laws, even though gun control has never been shown to be related to (or to decrease) HUMAN violence. California news media continues to wallow in the misery of the Sandy Hook murders, one week later, hoping to gather support for an irrational “solution” that has never solved ANYTHING. Strangely enough, the most rational thought today seems to have come from the NRA, which stated that armed Evil must be opposed by armed Good (not too different from the rationale of the Allies in World War II, if you think about it), and that hours of exposure to desensitizing violence in video games can’t really be good for children (even though it may train them for real weapons used by the armed services).

I still haven’t seen many concrete suggestions for addressing mental illness in the United States, a real problem. Perhaps, the reason is because so many of the (usually) non-violent mentally ill hold high offices and positions of corporate responsibility.

I find it really humorous that people whom the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory would call “Thinking-Judging” are so quick in their Judging and so FLAWED in their Thinking! :-) Maybe they should just be called “Feeling-impaired.”

No, tonight I wanted to focus on something positive. We will always have the bickering and whining of the Thinking-Judging folks. My high-tech work with corporate vice-presidents prepared me well for my work with first and second graders, :-) (“It’s all about ME!”), and it continues to prepare me for the actions of many Senators and Members of the House, who grew older without maturing.

Tonight, on this Solstice, while there is still about 3 1/2 hours on the West Coast for the world to end, 😉 I wanted to thank a group of Salvation Army volunteers who braved rain and cold temperatures this morning to hand out THOUSANDS of boxes of food and bags of toys at the organization’s annual holiday giveaway at Cal Expo!

Approximately 2,500 people in the Sacramento area with incomes which qualify them as impoverished had signed up for the holiday assistance program. Vehicles lined up before 8 a.m. to receive the aid, and the flow of the needy was constant as volunteers were soaked with a fierce rain.

As the Sacramento Bee states:

“When you see a mother with tears in her eyes because she can have a holiday meal and toys for her kids, that makes it all worth it,” said Maj. Ray Yant, county coordinator for the Salvation Army. “This is what Christmas is all about.”

No, maybe Christmas (and other end-of-year holidays) are not ABOUT rich Republican Representatives going home for the holiday while letting the finances of the United States go down the tubes… No, maybe Christmas is NOT about irrational Democrats believing in fetishes and demonizing inanimate objects because they have no workable solutions for the REAL problem of human violence….

Narrator: He puzzled and puzzed till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more!

The wise Dr. Seuss, a Californian, likely would have been proud of the actions of The Salvation Army, today….

-Bill at

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