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Night ride

My mini-vacations are getting shorter! :-(

It was a warm day in the Bay Area, and I spent it running around completing errands and appointments. The past two weeks have been extraordinarily busy, even for someone like me who likes to keep busy. It is a good thing that, even though I require positive feedback, I spent most of my years of employment in situations that did not provide much.

This evening, I rode my motorcycle to a 4:30 tutoring session (math) in Pleasanton. The sun was warm, but the air was turning cool. I knew that, given Pacific Standard Time, darkness would fall before I could return home. The limited hours of daylight make this my least favorite time of the year. That, and sporadic rains that are set to begin tomorrow….

The ride back home after tutoring was dark and enjoyable. I rode along an alternate route, on Vineyard, where the greater threats to safety were blacktail deer, rather than incompetent motorists. The trip was dark, quiet, and uneventful.

There have been WAY too many things going on lately! I am looking forward to a week off, when, hopefully, I will have more time to work on photo post-processing and end-of-year sales.

At least tonight’s night ride home is pleasant memory….

As I nod off at the keyboard, that memory is enough for now.

-Bill at

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