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“I was strolling in the Tube one day….”

You may ask, “What might be considered ‘unusual’ in San Francisco?” 😉

Well…. :-)

Tonight BART‘s (Bay Area Rapid Transit’s) Transbay Tube was closed after surveillance cameras spotted someone walking into the tunnel beneath the bay. Jim Allison, BART spokesman, said that a man “in normal walking attire walking casually” was seen on surveillance cameras walking into the Transbay Tube from the Embarcadero Station around 6:46 PM. BART shut down the tube immediately and sent a train full of police officers into the tube. Police found and arrested a person at 7:44 PM.

Lieutenant Tyrone Forte said that the man was found about halfway from the Embarcadero Station to the West Oakland Station on the other side of the Bay! BART service remains shutdown while BART Police officers inspect the Transbay Tube to make sure that it is safe to resume service.

The tube has surveillance cameras to protect it from terrorists, vandals, and people taking strolls. 😉 Police have NO idea why the man entered the tube. According to

“We’re still looking into that,” Forte said. “But we have the man in custody.”

No more details are available, and BART is making no predictions as to when the tube will reopen. Large numbers of San Francisco Giants fans will be bound for BART at the end of the team’s National League Champion Series game, which is in late innings at AT&T Park.

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