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Capitola Begonia Festival Sand Sculpture Contest winners 2012!

The four-day Begonia Festival is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Capitola this year. The organizers estimate that 40,000 people visit the end-of-summer festival over the Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, the Sand Sculpture Contest included everything from castles to starfish, trains, and mermaids, as well as a swimming puppy and giant turtle covered in seashells for its shell.

Other sand sculptures included “Thanks, Jack O’Neill,” created by Sydney Rennels of Piedmont, who put a lot of effort into the sculpture of a surfer paddling for a wave. Mark Cameron and his 6-year-old son Nicolas constructed a giant wolverine claw in the sand.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel lists the following winners:


AGES 8 AND YOUNGER: ‘Capitola Starfish’ by Kyra Holmes of Capitola

AGES 9-14: ’60 Years and Growing’ by Sydney, Seth and Jami Iven of Morgan Hill

ONE ADULT/ONE CHILD: ‘Opa 1987’ by Maria and Mia Lauterio of Los Angeles

SMALL GROUP: ‘Castle’ by Gary Parks, Jeff Brown and Andrew Brownstone of Sunnyvale

LARGE GROUP: ‘Scooby Dooby Doo’ by Julie and Nate Downs, Doug Heath, Emily Hansen, Mindi Staley, Lindsay and Dave Silva, Kim Cano and Jennifer Canobblis

GRAND PRIZE: ‘Dog On It’ by the Jang family, Evan and Ciaran Keane, Ting and Brian Kerry, Lauren Kyle and Chris Ridgway of Redwood City.

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