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DNSChanger malware to “kick in” on Monday!

The DNSChanger malware is nearly FIVE years old and present on hundreds of thousands of computers! If you have it on YOURS, you will probably lose your Internet connection on Monday.

But don’t PANIC…!

It only affects Windows machines! :-)

The last that I read, there ARE no viruses or worms for Macintosh “in the wild” right now! There ARE a handful of Trojans though (DNSChanger is not one of them), and if you are not running security software and ant-virus packages on whatever OS you have, then you are living in a “Fool’s Paradise.” In contrast, literally MILLIONS of new Windows viruses were created in 2011, for example.

If you are still running Windows, and you don’t believe in DATA, then I’m afraid that I cannot help you. 😉

Before the 6 bad-guy Estonians who created the DNSChanger Trojan were arrested, the Trojan “scored” them upwards of $14 million, by CHANGING the Domain Name System (DNS) settings in Windows machines.

So WHY, if the bad guys were arrested, are so many Windows users (and corporations! 😉 ) going to have such a bad Monday?

Prior to the bad guys being arrested, the Federal Bureau of Investigation <FBI> and German Federal Office for Information Security created a redirect of the redirect, so that many people infected by DNSChanger would still go to the legitimate Web sites that they intended to visit.

After the arrests, the two governments agreed to keep the rogue DNS servers running until March. Then they learned that there were still around 450,000 active DNSChanger infections, and so the servers got a reprieve until Monday, July 9.

You Windows users can read the CNET FAQ about DNSChanger or read a couple (1, 2) of CNN articles, but if you don’t believe in data, I am not sure how they will help you. 😉 The CNET FAQ has links to DNSChanger Working Group tools and procedures for REMOVING DNSChanger from your machine (for any folks who have changed their minds about believing data after learning that they are infected). :-)

But work fast…. 😉 It’s now a few minutes until Monday on the East Coast of the U.S. My personal experience in Silicon Valley was that the personality types that run businesses using Windows don’t learn from their mistakes and tend to blame the wrong thing.

Whoa! It’s now Monday on the East Coast!

Oh well… Happy Monday! 😉 At least your iPhone and iPad will work!

-Bill at

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