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Time-lapse video: Creation of the Dolphin Mural at East Ave Middle School!


Dolphin Mural, East Avenue Middle School, Livermore, CaliforniaI recently created a time-lapse video (which is now on YouTube), of Engela Olivier-Wilson painting the “Dolphin Mural,” which was a gift from the Class of 2012 at East Avenue Middle School in Livermore, California. The mural itself is ©2012 Engela Olivier-Wilson, All Rights Reserved, and the video is ©2012 William F. Hackett, All Rights Reserved. The mural was photographed and reproduced with written permission of the artist. Engela is the owner of art4spaces – check out the company Web site. The 1080p HD video was assembled from exposures taken every 20 seconds during the 22-hour painting of the mural over several days, a full-mural image showing its location at the school, and a panorama (a lower-resolution version in Web-safe colors is above) that I constructed from three photographic images. The video posted to YouTube is at a resolution lower than 1080p HD, to facilitate its use with a wide variety of devices.

East Ave. Middle School, its administration, staff, and students were very welcoming of us and supportive in the painting and photography of the mural. We thank them!

Scroll sideways, if necessary, to see the entire panorama of the 8′ x 30′ mural above. Turn up the music on the time-lapse video,  and don’t be afraid to dance! 😉

-Bill at

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