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A very full day

Now that my work in the public schools is finished for at least the summer, I thought that, perhaps, the pace might slow just a bit to allow for more photography of California.

Not a chance…! 😉

I spent most of today working on a videography project with a very tight deadline, while my computer worked by itself on ANOTHER major project, begun a couple of weeks ago. More about those two projects later…. Along the way, I worked in a meal and movie editing on our iMac, part of it while bouncing my granddaughter on my knee. In the back of my head was the nagging thought that I am now older than my father was when he retired, but his retirement was in the “good old days” before only the top 1% of income earners made any income gains.

Tonight, my wife and I took a little break and used some complimentary tickets to a “Buffalo Rome” concert at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore. I was very pleased to have received the tickets from the Bankhead, after I donated two small, framed photographic images for their use in dressing room #1, in response to their request. As far as I can “figure,” the trio is composed of a keyboardist from Miami, and the two guitarists (one from Bethesda, MD, and one from Lancaster, WI) are songwriters from Nashville. An excellent local, Livermore drummer joined the group tonight, as did a bassist from the same Maryland high school as one of the guitarists.

I knew from the vocal harmonies of the first two songs that Buffalo Rome could manage the works of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. (NOBODY but Neil can adequately manage the works of Neil Young! :-) ) This ability to handle CS&N was confirmed by the last song of the regular set, “Love the One You’re With.” The encore was “Walk Away,” by the James Gang, a group that I heard live in Akron, OH’s Rubber Bowl with Three Dog Night a long, long time ago.

So here it is, 11:27 PM. I still have a lot to do, once I finish blog-related tasks.

Again, I am very thankful for the complimentary tickets tonight, because entertainment is something that causes me to question, “Will entertainment now mean no food when-and-if my wife and I are in our 80s?” It is not only Baby Boomers who need to ask that question anymore, but ALL of the “bottom 99%” who have been on a “fixed income” (or WORSE!) for the last 30 years.

Tomorrow starts off with tutoring, then continues with setting up a wireless network for someone. After that, it’s back to the movie editing, especially for the one with the tighter deadline….

The GOOD news…? I have not worked for an idiot in over five years! That “lifestyle” is worth quite a bit! 😉

-Bill at

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