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Disney California Adventure: Mad T Party nightclub coming!

You knew that this one would grab me. :-)

An “Alice” Mad T Party (vs. Mad Tea Party), Disney, and California Adventure….

What could be more “Californian” than THAT! :-)

Heck, I even have a good friend who WORKS for “The Mouse,” as they say at that company!

There is even an element of serendipity – another thing in which I believe strongly (another New Year’s revelation)!

A nightly dance party that was created at the last minute (ah, there is the serendipity part) to entertain huge crowds of idle people who were waiting for the wildly successful “World of Color” water show, back in 2010,  at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim has, as the L.A. Times described it, “…turned into an ever-evolving mainstay that might just become an accidental institution.”

It is a good idea to entertain large crowds. Otherwise, they might become part of the “Occupy Movement.:-) The ancient Romans had something similar…. :-)

Evolution is ANOTHER thing in which I believe. Of course, it is easier for me because I am a biologist at heart (and academically), and I have friends who have engineered new species. (Note added January 14, 2012: No, none of those friends are remotely “godlike.”)

First, to entertain the masses, there was Glow Fest to entertain all of those happy, tired folks waiting on the water show. THEN, there was the ElecTRONica dance party, which not only entertained the masses, but ALSO “plugged” the “Tron: Legacy” movie. (I use the word “film” much more sparingly. :-) ) The ElecTRONica dance party is expected to run through April 2012.

The Mad T Party is themed to Tim Burton‘s “Alice in Wonderland” movie that starred Johnny Depp. A LIVE BAND will replace the ElecTRONica DJ booth. (One bumper sticker that I remember from my days in Madison, WI [graduate school] stated: “Go Disco Tonight! – Put 10 musicians out of work!” :-) ) Son-uva-gun! The band members will wear costumes reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland characters: a Mad Hatter singer, a Cheshire Cat drummer (sure, the Cheshire Cat DID NOT ATTEND the Tea Party, but “poetic license,” and “a buck’s a buck!”), and a White Rabbit disc jockey! I know. The White Rabbit wasn’t at the Tea Party either, and it looks like Disney INSISTS on a DJ. Maybe we need to bring in Elmer Fudd, too! After all, “It’s Wabbit season!

Hey! Let’s not forget the alcohol! Maybe some of the folks at the Mad T Party might forget that they are waiting for the water show and relieve overcrowding!

According to the L.A. Times:

“The House of Cards lounge, replacing ElecTRONica’s End of the Line Club, is expected to serve playing-card-themed cocktails amid a royal red and purple nightclub setting evocative of the foul-tempered Queen of Hearts. A small stage in the lounge will feature dancers wearing outfits festooned with hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. A nearby catering truck will serve Wonderland-themed foods and non-alcoholic beverages.”

Flynn’s Arcade will be replaced by an interactive video gaming area.

You can see photos of the Mad T Party, which “…promises to combine live music, dancing and cocktails into a psychedelic outdoor rave located in the Anaheim theme park’s Hollywood Pictures Backlot” HERE!

(Note added January 14, 2012: Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, anything remotely “psychedelic” would have gotten you THROWN OUT of Disneyland! How times have changed! Walt is probably rolling over in his liquid nitrogen! :-) )

Accompanying article in the L.A. Times online include descriptions of Radiator Springs Racers, Luigi’s Flying Tires, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. If you have any money left, we have ways of relieving you of that “burden” in California!

I always tell visitors, “Welcome to California! I hope that you brought CASH!” :-)

-Bill at

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