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Lone wolf

Since he set out on his own, leaving the pack behind in northeastern Oregon, a lone gray wolf  with the designation “OR7” traveled around 800 miles over the course of a month to enter California on December 28, 2011. When he crossed the California border, OR7 became the first wolf recorded in California since 1924!

The young male gray wolf was dubbed OR7 by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife after wildlife biologists captured him and gave him a GPS collar.

OR7’s photo was taken on November 14 by an unmanned trail camera set up in the woods east of Butte Falls, Oregon, by Allen Daniels, a blacktail deer hunter.

The Oregon Wild conservation group thought that OR7 deserved a better, more personable name (no kidding! :-) ) and started a children’s contest to name the wolf, which attracted entries from around the world. The winning name was announced yesterday and was submitted by two kids, a 7-year-old from Mountain Home, Idaho and an 11-year-old from Dickinson, North Dakota.

Now, the lone wolf has a nickname: “Journey.”

If he is looking for a mate, he likely won’t find one in California. :-)

Journey’s GPS coordinates put him in eastern Siskiyou County. He rested for a few days, according to the California Department of Fish and Game, and has started moving south again.

If OR7 (“Journey”) remains in California, Fish and Game may give him his own official name to distinguish him as the first resident wolf in the Golden State in modern times.

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