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Google launches hub for election news in 2012

Today, January 2, Google launched “an election hub where citizens can study, watch, discuss, learn about, participate in and perhaps even make an impact on the digital campaign trail as it blazes forward to Tuesday, November 6, 2012,” as Google elections team member Eric Hysen wrote on the company blog.

The page allows you to track candidates or issues, view graphical representations of trends for the candidates, including Search Trends based on volume, Google News Mentions in articles and blog posts, and YouTube Video Views from candidate channels – and you can EXPAND the graphical representations by clicking on them after “mousing over” (I’m using a trackpad, myself! 😉 ). You can also VIEW by Day, Week, or Month – OR by State! You can also “PLAY” the trends, through time!

Since I am a “map freak” (I know, another New Year’s revelation :-) ), I especially like the “On the Ground” feature, which is a way to view the “election year migrations” of the candidates (you already KNEW that I was a biologist), and WHAT they say, WHERE (including videos)! The potential for attacks later on this year seems LIMITLESS! :-) I am ALSO a “data freak,” apparently one of the minority of folks who actually tries to take in factual data and form opinions that are consistent with reality! 😉

As with ALL new developments, we will have to watch and see where this new Google tool takes us….

-Bill at

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