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Fracking… ’cause their brains are lacking…

Or maybe their hearts are “…two sizes too small….

The rap video, “My Water’s On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song)” was chosen by Time Magazine last week as the #2 Most Creative Videos of 2011. The song has gone viral with over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Lisa Rucker, an editor in Los Angeles for the production company, Pictures in a Row, and a graphic designer from Pictures in a Row, Adam Sakellarides, produced the video, which is based on a song by their friend, NYU student, David Holmes (with help from Andrew Bean and Niel Bekker). The song emphasizes key points from a ProPublica report on hydraulic fracturing for natural gas production, which has caused flammable chemicals to pour from water taps, allowing the tap water to burn.

In the fracking process, water and chemicals such as benzene (carcinogen [a cancer-causing agent]) and formaldehyde (another human carcinogen) are forced into the ground under pressure to fracture rock formations, releasing natural gas (largely methane, which is a “greenhouse gas” involved in global warming). Natural gas and other chemicals from the fracking process have been found in local drinking water supplies. The EPA has recently found the fracking chemicals polluting groundwater in Wyoming.

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