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iPhone is the top smartphone among mobile workers

The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report defines a “mobile employee” as any worker who uses a mobile device (laptop, smartphone, cell phone, or tablet) to access networks for work purposes and found that Apple’s iPhone came in ahead of the struggling Blackberry. The iPhone now holds 45% of the smartphone market share among these mobile workers, up from 31% last year. Blackberry held the number one spot with 35% market share last year. This year, Blackberry’s market share has decreased to 32%.

Some 95% of mobile workers now use smartphones, an increase from 85% last year, and of those, 91% use their smartphones for work, up from 69% last year. The median age of  a mobile employee is 41, DOWN from 46 a year ago.

A year ago, almost 2/3 of companies provided smartphones to their employees, but now only 58% do so. Companies now allow workers to bring in their own devices, which are then configured for work use. (I think that this “consumerization of IT” represents a gross invasion of the personal lives of employees by their companies, based on what I have seen of cell phone monitoring by employers.)

Some 44% of mobile employees now own tablets, up from 33% in the second quarter of this year.

Almost 60% of mobile employees gave an emotional response when they were asked for their reaction to being without their smartphones for a week: 40% said they would feel disoriented; 34% would feel distraught, and 10% would feel lonely.

The iPass report examined 2,300 responses from mobile workers at over 1,100 businesses worldwide. Questions surveyed productivity, efficiency, work habits, and the health effects of a mobile work lifestyle.

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