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Bogus “No Parking” signs of the California Coast

As they say in the (public) schools, “Exclusion is bullying.” :-)

Exclusion has taken a different turn with coastal residents erecting “No Parking” signs.

The California Coastal Commission is fighting an uphill battle against coastal homeowners who are putting up their own, counterfeit “No Parking” signs. Some of the signs look SO good that they have actually been ENFORCED! :-)

The LATimes online story takes a ride along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH; YouTube – ZZ Top) with Pat Veesart, an enforcement supervisor for the California Coast Commission, one of the folks who have the unenviable task of helping people find their ways to public beaches.

“It’s like whack-a-mole: you get rid of one and another pops up again,” Veesart says. “Anybody can go down to Home Depot and buy a ‘No Parking’ sign and a 4-foot wooden post, and often it’s difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones are not.”

Dozens of the illegal, bogus “No Parking” signs have appeared in a Santa Cruz neighborhood near the Pleasure Point world-class surf break, and another group of Santa Cruz homeowners is accused of painting stripes and “Private Parking” on the end of their beachfront street and putting out boulders to keep visitors away. City crews in Ventura removed clusters of “No Parking” signs erected by the owner of a private campground near Emma Wood State Beach. Residents of Venice Beach have “stonewalled” orders to remove landscaping, “No Parking” signs, and posts with chains that have blocked public parking spots FOR YEARS – and the obstacles and signs remain.

So are these folks REALLY members of the super-rich 1%, or just “wannabes” with a bad case of elitism? :-)

Although the bogus “No Parking” signs and elitism appear to be widespread along the coast, the unofficial capital of these sign-posting “maroons” appears to be Malibu, where some of the most expensive coastal residences sit on some of the most desirable PUBLIC beaches. :-)

In a mind-bending dichotomy, a brown, welcoming “Coastal Access” sign near a PUBLIC stairwell to the beach in Malibu has a “No Parking Any Time” sign tacked on below it! :-)

Malibu has 13 million visitors to its beaches every year, few sidewalks, and NO parking meters. In the neighborhood above Lechuza Beach, homeowners have hired SECURITY GUARDS to block off parking spaces with traffic cones on the Fourth of July weekend. (Yes, some of these MUST be members of the wealthiest 1% and also have NO regard for the meaning of July 4th. The beach-access battles have occurred for a long time [1, 2].)

It is just some primate territoriality, raising its ugly head. If you can imagine groups of chimpanzees (some with MILLIONS of DOLLARS! :-) ) making trips to the hardware store to buy “No Parking” signs, then you are on the path to understanding….

-Bill at

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