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Snow on the hilltops

One of the occasional treats (that’s right, in California, snow is a treat :-) ) that I experience in the winter is a glimpse of snow on the hilltops south of Livermore, in the Ohlone Wilderness. The Ohlone Wilderness is a 9737-acre wilderness, accessible only on foot or horseback, by way of the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. The highest point is the summit of Mount Rose, which at 3817 feet is only 32 feet lower than that of Mount Diablo.

The other big difference with snow in California is how we measure it. When I lived in the Mid-West, snow was always measured in inches. In California, it is measured in feet (as in, “it will snow down to 2000 feet [in elevation] tonight”) and actual inches of snow is an afterthought. In California, it is more important to know the elevation at which you will encounter snow, so that you can guess which roads will be closed.

In any case, when I looked out of the window of my office this bright, sunny afternoon, the snow on top of the hills to the south was a beautiful change of scenery.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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