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Vandals/artists drop flying dinosaur on surfing statue

Vandals/critics/guerrilla artists placed an elaborate redesign: “a huge prehistoric flying creature, a pterosaur maybe, swooping down over the surfer, with a painted backdrop of a volcanic eruption for context. Also, small palm trees and two velociraptors,” on the official civic statue along Highway 101 in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, “Magic Carpet Ride” (unofficially called “Cardiff Kook”), of a young boy on a surfboard. Surfers and artists say that the dainty looks of the young boy are an insult to the macho sport of surfing.

Notice how they always confuse vandals and artists? :-) Critics, on the other hand, rarely produce anything of real value.

The article contains a photo of the work, which is merely the latest in a long chain of modifications to the statue since its installation in 2007.

‘Under cover of darkness, various groups and individuals have bedecked the statue as Michael Jackson, Oprah, a British royal bride, a witch (at Halloween), Vincent Van Gogh (on his birthday) and more. It has worn a bridal dress, baggy shorts, a red bra and a military uniform.

The most spectacular of the redesigns was a year ago, when a canvas-and-cardboard shark was built around the statue, seemingly devouring the surfer — like in the movie “Jaws.”’

Encitias City Hall is not amused. The city spent $2,000 recently to repair damage to the statue.

Crowds in Cardiff, meanwhile, posed for photos in front of the redesign.

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