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Art Under the Oaks 2011 – Day 1

Art shows are a lot of fun, and really exhausting! :-) Today was Day 1 of Art Under the Oaks at the Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, and the 25th year of the event! Day 2 is tomorrow, from 11 AM until 4 PM. (I emphasize the “4 PM” because some people arrived in the late afternoon today and really did not have enough time to enjoy the show!)

I want to thank and congratulate the young couple who purchased Print #1 (a 16×20-inch print matted and framed to 20×24 inches) of the photo above of an old (and still doing its job pumping water for livestock) Aeromotor windmill on Hartford Avenue north of Livermore. The colors of the hills reflect that time of spring (April 18 that year) when rains have (generally) stopped and some parts of the hills dry out faster than others. The low rays of the evening sun accentuate the hilly landscape.

I have removed the print from my “Featured Prints” page, although I may print Print #2 in the future (especially if I receive a request for the image). My “Featured Prints” are all signed and numbered. A “squared-off” version of the image has been very popular on coasters at art fairs and other events.

To emphasize the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Online Store (on Zazzle®) this year, I created a hard-copy (I know, I know – a step backward :-) but a good demo tool! ) sampler of around 10% of the products (or fewer) in a 3-ring binder, and I hung two T-shirts with CAts (CA cats) on the corners of my show booth. (Sure – the windmill image above is on products in the Store, too!) I think that visitors to my booth (#17; near the live music and the nursery’s Japanese maples) received a much better understanding of the range and types of products that are available online with my images, and Zazzle® does a superb job of shipping (usually under 24 hours) high-quality products.

I am looking forward to seeing even more people tomorrow! The weather was extraordinarily mild today (the high temperature was 84 degrees F) and is forecast to be sunny and EVEN MILDER tomorrow, with a forecast high temperature of 79 degrees F. Livermore, at this time of year, can reach temperatures over 100 F, but the heat is a dry heat and not as oppressive as that being experienced over much of the U.S. right now!

So… I hope to see you local folks tomorrow at Art Under the Oaks, Day 2. The Livermore Art Association folks always look forward to this yearly event at Alden Lane and the warm reception given by visitors from all over the Bay Area.

See you tomorrow!

-Bill at

Cheshire Cat Photo™ – “Your Guide to California’s Wonderland™”

You can view higher-resolution photos at the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Pro Gallery on Shutterfly™, where you can also order prints and gifts decorated with the photos of your choice from the gallery. The Cheshire Cat Photo Store on Zazzle® contains a wide variety of apparel and gifts decorated with our images of California. All locations are accessible from here. Be a “Facebook Fan” of Cheshire Cat Photo here! If you don’t see what you want or would be on our email list for updates, send us an email at

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