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Phonehenge West: back to the Mojave Desert

The nine residents of an eccentric little village of colorful structures in the Mojave Desert, dubbed “Phonehenge West” by its creator, retired telephone technician Kim Fahey, have been ordered to vacate a dozen buildings Fahey created over the years without the benefit of building permits.

(This sort of reminds me of one of my neighbors who has merrily added structural elements to his home without building permits, within the City of Livermore. :-) )

Some representatives of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and county Public Works Department visitd the 1.7-acre village of Phonehenge West in Acton, 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles today. (Another coincidence: there is an Acton in Cheshire!The visit was to determine Fahey’s compliance with a court order to shut off electricity and vacate a the structures. Mr. Fahey had not complied with the court order.

Kim Fahey is 59 years old and “a colorful, outspoken man with long, flowing white hair and beard, and a preference for denim coveralls and Harley-Davidson motorcycles” who constructed the various buildings as inspirations struck him. He was convicted of 12 misdemeanor building code violations last month, and a judge ordered him to start dismantling the buildings. The buildings include a replica of a Viking house, a 70-foot tower, and “other esoteric creations” that the self-taught builder put together out of mostly scrap material.

(It sounds more and more like my neighbor all of the time!)

Fahey’s son Noah lives in the only legally permitted structure on the property, a one-bedroom home that was built in the 1930s.

It will be interesting to learn the ending of this story. Fahey could face several years in prison if he does not comply with the judge’s order, but he has promised to appeal.

Do you see why so many lawyers live in California, I mean besides the climate and great food? :-)

(Incredible photos of Phonehenge West are presented by Home DSGN.)

(Note added August 06, 2011: Incredible photos of Phonehenge West’s DEMOLITION are HERE! :-) )

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