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NATO e-Bookshop “probable data breach”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said that a “probable data breach” involved NATO’s e-Bookshop, which is a service for releasing documents to the public. The service is operated by an external company. There are no classified documents at the site.

Want to bet it runs on Windows? :-) Hey! I could be wrong!

The NATO statement said that the site has been blocked and subscribers notified. Nobody knows whether the attack had anything to do with “Anonymous,” a group which recently said that it is feared by NATO NOT because it’s a “threat to society,” but because it’s a “threat to the established hierarchy.” NATO had singled out Anonymous for several of its recent attacks against MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Amazon, and others that had cut off services to WikiLeaks.

Forbes reports that the names, usernames, and passwords :-) of NATO’s online book shop were among the files LulzSec uploaded to The Pirate Bay yesterday, in a “goodbye statement!

An aside: The Forbes site immediately launched into a discussion of “enterprise siloed data.” Don’t you hate it when 1) videos and audios START by themselves, :-) and 2) “business” folks pretend to know more about technology than YOU do? (I mean you technical folks out there.) I also had to laugh when the Forbes site presented this quote.

Forbes Thought Of The Day

“ The superior man is slow in his words and earnest in his conduct. ”
— Confucius

Actually, the “superior man” is often translated as the “gentleman,” imagine that! You might understand why Forbes would like to use the “superior man” translation. Being slow in your words (and thinking :-) ) does NOT make you a “superior man.” :-) A whole lot of people I knew in high tech were not actually “slow,” they were just “linear thinkers,” a process that WILL slow you down.

And, for the “record book,” Confucius ALSO said: “The gentleman understands what is right; the inferior man understands what is profitable,” and “the gentleman makes demands on himself; the inferior man makes demands on others.” I am confident that these two statements will “shock the shorts” off some Forbes readers. :-)

I suggest that readers of Forbes instead become readers of Confucius. After all, his wisdom has lasted longer.

As for LulzSec, they have shown the “established hierarchy” a lot in the 50 days of their voyage. LulzSec provided a valuable service to the companies and entities that they “hacked;” consultants actually CHARGE for such things.

Who knows? Maybe they will return again, if needed, with their ship flying another flag.

-Bill at

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