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Comin’ in from Los An-ge-les…

… bringin’ in a coupla <hundred> “ki’s….”

– with apologies to Arlo Guthrie, “Coming Into Los Angeles:-)

A woman who claimed to be a socialite from Beverly Hills, California, was sentenced to six years in prison in Ohio on Friday for her role in transporting more than 506 pounds (230 kg) or 23 bales of marijuana from Van Nuys, California to Columbus, Ohio last year, on chartered planes. Lisette Lee, 29 and others offloaded 13 suitcases into three vehicles on their fourth trip from Van Nuys, according to the complaint from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Lee had been charged with conspiracy and the intent to distribute narcotics. In interviews, Lee claimed that she was a model and recording artist.

Lee said that she had met a man named David Garrett at a California casino, who had recently purchased a horse farm in Ohio. Lee agreed to transport equipment from California to Ohio. Lee suspected that she might be engaged in illegal activities, but she believed that they were transporting weapons or money.

My family relocated from Columbus, Ohio to California. Anyone who thinks that attitudes with regard to marijuana possession are universal in the United States has just not been paying attention. As for transportation of large amounts for someone else, well, what were they thinking?

-Bill at

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