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This is the city: Los Angeles, California – Red Bull Soapbox Races

Tonight, I was looking for something that was zany, fun, and California! Fortunately, amid the double-dip in housing prices, stock market crashes by gutless financial dweebs,  a fresh hack of 1 million Sony accounts, and European infections by a particularly virulent E. coli strain, I found this article about the Red Bull Soapbox races in L.A. on May 21, and the following 8-MINUTE video by “Pixel:”

The Red Bull Soapbox races in downtown L.A. drew crowds of over 115,000 people! The event was FREE; the temperatures were in the 70s, and the event included 38 teams, among them: Laker’s FunWagon, City of Bell Pickpockets, Green Army Men, Hamster Rampage, & Gone Gaga!

The vehicles were required to be powered by “creativity, ingenuity, gravity, & ‘the power of the people’. Motorized vehicles of any type were not allowed.” (So, obviously, the dude/dudette doing wheelies on the motorcycle must have been disqualified! :-) )

CNN reports that the winners of the Red Bull Soapbox race 2011 were:

1st Place-
Lakers FunWagon

2nd Place-
Angry Bird Droppings

3rd Place-
The Flying Scotsmen

People’s Choice Award-
The Baked Muscles

-Bill at

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